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Three services, one system


The team of Cyr Système is specialized in all sorts of industrial programming. Trust us for the programming of automatons, touchscreens, computers or web interfaces.

Electrical services contractor

The team of Cyr Système has the proper qualification to act as electrical contractor and execute fieldwork ranging from electrical installation to wiring. We can also execute an in depth analysis of your energy consumption.

Fabrication of control panels

Cyr Système is specialised in customised or serial fabrication of control panels. These panels are Ulus and Cul certified and conform to CSA norms which allow our equipment to be approved in Canada and the United States of America. We also conceive electrical harnesses for all of needs.


Customised design of industrial SCADA software

Supervision, report and remote control.

Innovative solutions

Interventions adapted to your projects according to your values, needs and expectations.
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Complete management of a plant


Conceive an overall layout of the plant. The process has to be quick and the chemistry requires an extremely liable system.


Create a redondant system to prevent any dysfunction.

Key elements of the project

  • Programming of the automaton
  • Programming of the SCADA control software
  • Installation of the control panel
  • Installation of the pneumatic
  • Engineering support
  • Programming and installation of the 3D supervision software


The plant has started its operations respecting the established deadline and is now the standard of reference for its customers and subsidiaries.

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Complete management of a plant
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